Great Highland Bagpipes

We have been making bagpipes from 1958.

Our range of bagpipes are all traditional designs but if you would like something different, just contact us to discuss your requirements.

Whether you would like plain wood, combed and beaded with plain nickel, engraved nickel or even sterling silver, we have it…

All our African Blackwood is carefully selected by our supplier to make sure your instrument has been made from the highest quality materials available, so when you order your new Warnock bagpipes which will be around for many generations, you deserve the best.

We also make bagpipes from high quality engineering plastic which are made with the same internal bores and high level of quality as our African Blackwood pipes. These are very good for entry level and beyond.

Every set of our bagpipes are made to exact standards and only after we are happy with the sound and finish quality, then it will be branded with the worthy name “Warnock” When you purchase your new Warnock bagpipes which will here for many generations you deserve the best!

Warnock Pipe chanter is one of the world leaders, winning championships all over the world from 1970’s

Each chanter is now dispatched with a complementary Warnock reed and reed protector.

Pipe Chanters

Practice Chanters

We have been making practice chanters from 1960. So whether your just starting out or if your playing at a high level, we have a practice chanter to suit you. 

We manufacture 4 different lengths of chanters to make sure we can cater for anyone, Junior, standard, retro and long. These are all available in African Blackwood or engineering plastic and can be plain or dressed in plain or engraved nickel, plain or engraved sterling silver with  imitation ivory. 

Our chanters produce a sweet mellow sound which is simply unmatched by any other, especially when complemented with one of our practice chanter reeds. 

The perfect chanter – reed combination. 

Each chanter comes with a complementary practice reed. 

Our Pipes reeds have been made from 1942 and are a world leader. We make both copper and brass staple reeds. Our pipe chanter reeds work well in most makes of modern chanters.

Pipe Chanter Reeds

Practice Chanter Reeds

We have been making practice chanters from 1982 and are probably the most popular reed on the market. Our practice reeds give you the best of both worlds, having synthetic blades and traditionally tied by hand with a copper staple.

They are described by many as “the best”

We manufacture an extensive range of Blowpipes available with standard round or Free Flow mouthpiece

Standard plastic blowpipe

Universal blowpipe

Extendable blowpipe

All with built in valve. Available in lengths from 6 inch – 13 inch

Mouthpieces available in 3” to 6” in half inch increments.


Free Flow

Reed protectors


Split stocks

Spare parts


If interested in our products, please let us know...